Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blogging and Working, oh my!

Well. Tonight I am posting from my place of employment. This isn't a usual thing, since I usually work early in the morning and wish I had a job with more hours. But, tonight is a night I Get More Hours, 'cause I'm covering a shift.

Still, where I am, jobs aren't easy to come by, especially jobs that you actually like, so though my scheduled hours are fail, it's still a number that is greater than zero and I don't go home wanting to kill myself every day. Hell, this job would be perfect if I had full-time hours, or at least closer to full-time.

Thanks a lot, Bush, for throwing the American people under the bus for eight years, and thanks to you Tea Party nutjobs that think that Obama should have somehow been able to magically get us out of this mess in only two, then pitch a fit when it turns out, hey, he's only human.

Anyway, that's as about as political as I'm gonna make things for now, unless you want to hear some more of my ranting about the idiots in office. That, and my mind has suddenly started to go places that are really quite disturbing.


  1. lol My aunt recently told me, "Don't you know Obama is responsible for Americas failing infrastructure?"

  2. Go right ahead with your rants :) Also I myself am too blogging at job however my boss isnt so strict, he only cares that the job is done. Then again I propably earn a miniscule fraction of what you get so I guess nothing is free ;)

  3. Damn. I hope you find a way in life that will fix those things.

  4. @Andrew Bas

    Heh, actually, I'm poor as hell. I love my job, but have absolute shit for hours. At least come January I should be getting another 9 hours a month!