Friday, October 15, 2010

More Political-type Ramblings

So, some of you may be shocked to hear that I currently support Obamacare. Why? Because it's better than what I have -- namely, NOTHING. Is it possible that Obama could have come up with a better way to give more Americans healthcare? Maybe. Perhaps overhauling the Medicare/Medicaid systems and reducing fraud would have brought more money available to make the programs available to more people.

As it is, it's rather infuriating that my current only option is "Hope that if you have to call in, you're calling in dead, because you can't afford to be sick."

I live in northwest Georgia, where there are hundreds of laid-off folks looking for jobs, and nobody's hiring. I'm lucky to have a job I genuinely enjoy, despite the fact that the hours suck. My paycheck pays my student loans, with very little extra, so I go to donate plasma twice a week for an extra $60 per week. That pays my car insurance and gas, and I'm lucky enough to have parents who are willing to let me live at home rent-free.

So for me, the $40 to go to the local walk-in clinic if I get sick is way out of my price range. Thankfully my daily medications are all on the Cheap-Ass Generics list, but services aren't easy to get. I've had psychiatrist appointments re-re-rescheduled to where it was six months before I got to see the doctor again, but you can't complain too much when it's free. Planned Parenthood isn't exactly cheap either, but part of that is because they've had their government funding reduced and so they have to charge people more.

Anyway, this is heading into wall-'o-text, so I'm out for now.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blogging and Working, oh my!

Well. Tonight I am posting from my place of employment. This isn't a usual thing, since I usually work early in the morning and wish I had a job with more hours. But, tonight is a night I Get More Hours, 'cause I'm covering a shift.

Still, where I am, jobs aren't easy to come by, especially jobs that you actually like, so though my scheduled hours are fail, it's still a number that is greater than zero and I don't go home wanting to kill myself every day. Hell, this job would be perfect if I had full-time hours, or at least closer to full-time.

Thanks a lot, Bush, for throwing the American people under the bus for eight years, and thanks to you Tea Party nutjobs that think that Obama should have somehow been able to magically get us out of this mess in only two, then pitch a fit when it turns out, hey, he's only human.

Anyway, that's as about as political as I'm gonna make things for now, unless you want to hear some more of my ranting about the idiots in office. That, and my mind has suddenly started to go places that are really quite disturbing.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Just plain crazy, or trying to make a social statement?

So, I've been sitting here looking at this photo, trying to figure it out. Was it some sort of silly matching Halloween party outfit idea? Or maybe even as early as whenever this picture was, these people were already trying to make a statement about how phones had impacted society. Perhaps the man's mask is calling attention to the 'facelessness' of telemarketers, versus old-fashioned door-to-door salesmen. The woman is a bit harder to come up with a similar idea for, though it could be something like a subtle prod at the view of women as secretaries, bound to answering phones rather than being in charge.

Of course, I could be totally wrong, and these could just be Lady Gaga's grandparents and fashion inspiration. What do you think?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Why you shouldn't give Grandma too much beer

Are you feeling wonderful during this trouble in paradise? Grandma sure is! She's always up for a good party. Remember, it's all fun and games until you run over someone when you're drunk!