Monday, July 25, 2011

Stuff I enjoyed reading

Well, since my Livejournal account that I typically use for horrendously personal stuff (including fanfiction recommendations) is being a dick, I'm going to repost this list here for me to send the link to people I give at least half a damn about online that are not on my Livejournal.

Homestuck Fanfictions I Read And Liked:


and then she shows him her furAffinity account - Just some quick ludicrous fluff with Jade, and Equius, and beautiful works of fine art.

Xenos - The Ancient Greeks used the same word for 'guest' and 'alien'. Today Dave Strider's going to have to deal with both.

Ponyplay - What it says on the tin. Nepeta/Equius

Cycles - Transgender Dave. You should have told him about this. You know why you didn't. It didn't take a genius to realize that Dave flipped right the fuck out as soon as you mentioned something even a little bit female. You kind of have to tell him now.

Enforced Cultural Exchange - Karkat is all for cultural exchanges and trying to see each others point of view, but there is such a thing as going too damned far.

Unconditional - another Trans!Dave. He could not tell John. He just couldn't. The little derp was so trusting he felt bad for lying, but he loved the way John treated him too much to risk it stopping. He made him feel like the big strong Knight.

It's a Classic of the Genre - A film helps Karkat to teach John some important things about troll culture.

Mediate - After meeting up with the humans, Karkat takes it upon himself to serve as an interspecies romance cop.

When in Doubt, Wear Red - 'There was only one thing worse than Dave Strider's smug motherfucker act, and it was his smug motherfucker act after he'd won a bet.' In which Karkat has lost a bet to Dave and turns paying up into payback.

Helping Hand - “Miss Nepeta,” he said sternly, “what you suggest is so improper it transcends into the indecent. No, beyond! I will not, I would never do such a thing.”

Spread Your Wings - Karkat has more secrets than just his freakish blood, but he can't hide forever.


Big Brother - Non-Sburb AU. Bro Strider has to raise a kid with gender dysphoria. Trying not to screw Dave up permanently is hard, and nobody understands.

Humans: Claim Prize - Kids get a normal Earth back, but the trolls show up from their trashed planet and soon the kids and troll are on the run from the Feds. Variant on author's other work, "All: Claim Prize"

Phone Home - The universe has been rebooted and now fate charts a new course. Karkat Vantas is revealed for the mutant blood he is, and in his escape winds up stranded on Earth.

Fighting Unsubtly over the Chipper Kid: A Selfish Saga - Rose likes John. Dave likes John. Karkat likes John. Vriska likes John. None of them is about to let any of the others have him. John, meanwhile, is blissfully oblivious.

All: Claim Prize - The game is over. Trolls and humans claim their prize at the same point in the timeline. Now, they're co-existing in a new world, since neither can return to their destroyed homes. At age 18, everyone seems to be figuring out new types of love, changing quadrants, and getting a bit jealous.

Mostly Harmless - John and Karkat unwillingly present an illustrated guide: How to Explore the Southwestern United States of America and Avoid the Feds on Under $25 a Day! Warnings for implied torture and character death.

Reset - Post game AU. After beating Sburb, the kids are given the chance to recreate their universe, and give their fallen alien friends a chance at a new and better life as Human Beings. Thirteen years later, most of them appear to have screwed up this second chance to varying degrees. And what kind of a God/Friendleader would John be if he didn't try to help them out a little?

Dave: Investigate Sounds - (Dave/Tavros) Your name is DAVE STRIDER and you are currently investigating STRANGE NOISES that have been emerging from your bathroom for an INEXPLICABLE AMOUNT OF TIME.


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